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The Healing Art of Spirit is a compassionate guide for those seeking solace after the loss of a loved one. When the world as you knew it ends, and everyone around you continues on, how will you find your new normal? Be guided to:

*Navigate the darkest days with self -compassion.

*Reframe loss with gratitude for gifts received.

*Transform Bitterness into wisdom

*Forgive the past and embrace the present

*Open your heart to those still here and

*recognise the signs your spirit folk send.

The hummingbird knows there is a sweetness hidden beneath the hard exterior of bitter experience. You, too, can discover light, laughter and happiness again.

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19th of February:
Wrest Point Casino

Tickets on Sale NOW!! Show starts at 7:30 PM. For tickets visit this link

22nd of February:
Devonport Paranaple Arts Centre

Tickets on Sale NOW! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM Box Office 6420 2900 or visit this link

26th of February:
Country Club Launceston

Tickets on Sale NOW ! ! Show stars at 7:30 PM for tickets visit this link

8th of March:
SOLD OUT - Stanthorpe Living with Spirit Workshop


March 8, 9 & 10

This weekend is designed for those of you who wish Move forward with their grief, in Day 1 and Day 2 will be spent learning when spirit is around, how to understand the signs and make your own special language with your loved ones.

If you are having a hard time... with grief and need to know when and how the spirit world communicates plus receive a reading then this is the perfect weekend!

click for more info

19th of March:
Redcliffe Cultural Centre

Tickets on Sale NOW! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM Box Office 3283 0407 or visit this link

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