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Latest News

Charmaine is now Bay Fm Geelong, Heart FM Hobart and LA FM Launceston's resident medium.

If you would like an opportunity to connect just send your name, phone number and the relationship status of one person in spirit you would like to connect with (EG Mum, dad, son, daughter etc.)

To contact Bay FM Geelong click for more info

To connect to Heart FM Hobart click for more info

To connect with LA FM Launceston click for more info


31st of December:
Heaven's Gate Meditation CD

Purchase the Heaven's Gate Meditation CD - Price is $20 plus $5 shipping and handling

There are two meditations on this CD:

There are two guided meditations included on this CD plus a quick introduction of the chakra system to get you prepared for the Heavens Gate meditation.

~Heavens Gate meditation is designed to help you reach the spirit realms and connect to those you love on the other side.

It is a gentle journey and one you will enjoy again and again. Heavens gate is the longer of the two meditations so please allow enough time and make sure you will not be disturbed

~Relax and Recharge is a ten minute wind down meditation designed to release the stress of the day and clear away negative energy.

Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Buy Heaven's Gate Meditation CD online now!


25th of February:
Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre

Tickets on sale NOW! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM For tickets contact the Box Office on 6420 2900 or visit this link

28th of February:
Launceston Country Club

Tickets on Sale NOW ! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM for tickets visit this link

6th of March:
Hobart Wrest Point Casino

Tickets on Sale NOW ! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM for tickets visit this link

16th of March:
Logan Entertainment Centre

Tickets on Sale NOW! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM Box Office 3412 5626 or visit this link

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